L’Observateur : Fashion Edition

Sandals, tattered shorts, and thrift store t-shirts were never – nor will ever be – in fashion in Paris, France. As a result, I’ve had to pull a near-180 in the wardrobe department.

The “dress clothes” I brought with me have become the cornerstone of my closet, and until two days ago, I was wearing them until I washed them. Thanks to H&M, I now have another “outfit,” and it’s not the lingerie this girl is wearing on their splash page, either. I’m a Garanimals man all the way. Green goes with tan. Black goes with black. I have two outfits. They match.

Every time I go to play tennis in my shorts and sweat jacket I get stared down in the street like I just walked out of the house buck naked with a golf bag slung over my shoulder.

Parisians wear lots of:
* Wool coats, wool sweaters, and wool socks.
* Cashmere scarves and hats.
* Leather jackets, boots, and gloves.
All in black, brown, or dark blue.

The women wear large accessories and high heels.

Everyone carries an umbrella.


  1. this post is useless without pictures of the author in said garanimal