The 2007 Phoenix Suns – at Your Fingertips

During my first trip to Europe, the 1993 Phoenix Suns played the 1993 Chicago Bulls in the 1993 NBA finals. The 1993 International Herald Tribune didn’t care, and I had no idea who won the series until I got back to the 1993 States. Fast forward to 2007, and I can watch 2007 NBA highlights whenever I want on the 2007 Internet, not to mention Game 6 of the 1993 NBA finals on 2007 YouTube. It’s crazy to think how much the world has changed in those 14 years, and the next 14 will probably be even crazier.

Truth be told, I watch more “cable” TV now – than when I was in Austin – as a result of the 2007 Internet. The only two reasons I would consider paying for cable in the first place (and then coming to my senses and NOT) are sports highlights and The Daily Show – and both are available for free online – so, um, duh.

For sure, living in France has been a big change, but I find it odd that I feel as up to date on what’s happening at home as I did when I lived there. I’m constantly up on my email, and I can Skype anyone at a reasonable hour minus seven, thanks to the 2007 Internet.

Welcome to the future: Eduardo Najera hits a three against the Mavs.

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