L’Observateur : Toot Uncommon Edition

Delicious food in the form of Koshary at the Abou Tarek in downtown Cairo.

Later that day, I ate fried brains on pita with pickled turnip on the side.
Waiter: “We have liver and brains.”
Me: “Brains.”
Waiter: “Liver?”
Me: “No. Brains.”

We hired a driver named Kamal to take us the 12km from Cairo to Giza to see the Pyramids. When he said “Sphinx,” it sounded like “Suhfinkus.”

If you are female, it is not advisable to walk around Egypt with exposed ankles.

It’s true what they say about traffic in Cairo. There are no lanes and little stopping. Crossing the street is like playing Frogger, except in this version you only get one life.

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