L’Observateur : Ass Experiment Edition

The other day I was Google Mapping the neighborhood and noticed that there is something labeled “Ass Experiment” just south of Place de la Republique.

Speaking of experimenting with asses, I thought I was going to get to see Nicolas Sarkozy or Vladimir Putin coming out of the Nôtre Dame the other day, but it turned out to be a Russian Orthodox priest and his posse.

A clip from “Revivals: Scrum Again” by Tad Friend in The New Yorker, 10-26-09:
“The last time rugby was played at the Olympics, the Americans won the gold. That was in 1924. A team composed largely of Stanford students made the six-thousand-mile trip to Paris on a lark – the sport wasn’t really played in America – and crushed the French in the final, 17-3, prompting a mob of drunken French fans to shower the team with rocks and bottles. And so ended rugby in the Olympics.”

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