L’Observateur : FFF3 Edition

The Fiery Furnaces performed on France 3’s “Ce Soir (Ou Jamais!)” last night, taking the stage mere seconds after a typically protracted French intellectual round-table discussion on “L’Eglise Catholique et la Pedophilie” – a title which they then inexplicably superimposed over the band while they were playing. (The cutaway shots to the panel watching them play are also priceless.)

It’s a long-standing source of wonder why the French don’t “get” rock music, but after last night, I’m thinking that maybe it’s because they air it after protracted round-table discussions on pedophilia. Just a theory. Performance begins at the 1h10m mark. [UPDATE: The person responsible for putting this graphic up was fired.]

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  1. Oh. Shame about the firing. Such inspired juxtaposition is so rare.