L’Observateur : Horsefeathers Edition

I got up one morning and when I opened the new pack of eggs, there was a chicken feather inside. >>>

Around the Epiphany, French bakeries make loads of king cake. Except they call it galette de roi, and it’s nothing like one you might find in New Orleans or at your neighborhood HEB. It’s more like a chausson aux pommes, if you substituted almond paste. I sampled (inhaled) four from three different bakeries and surprisingly, the best one came from the Monoprix (our neighborhood HEB). An epiphany indeed.

The post-holiday soldes are in full swing and people are crawling all over each other to buy all the crap they didn’t want a month ago. But it’s 30% off!!! Where I come from, a pile of shit is still a pile of shit no matter how much I have to pay for it. And, after you adjust for the exchange rate and the fact that goods are cheaper almost everywhere else on Earth, the whole exercise is fairly worthless.

It’s been snowing a lot lately. We get dusted almost every morning and had one fairly substantial accumulation a few weeks back. This comes as something of a surprise given that it snowed maybe twice in the past two years.

I like to look at the 10-day forecast in Celsius and then switch it to Fahrenheit so it seems like it’s going to be warmer outside.

The only advantage of having two right-handed gloves is that you never have to stop and figure out which one is which.

France is ranked #1 in the world in overall “quality of life” for the fourth year running, but I wholeheartedly disagree with the 87 rating in the Climate category (but that’s probably because I live in le Nord and I’m not here in the summer to enjoy 11pm-sundown cocktails-on-the-Canal). No matter, I have a hard time with the notion that the quality of life in France can: a) be reduced to an integer. b) possibly be better than it is in, say, The Bahamas – but I suppose they don’t have galette du roi. Down the list, the USofA comes in #7, UK #25, and Mexico #46. And apparently, if you want really good deals, you should move to Iraq, which scored a perfect 100 in Cost of Living. And how is it possible for Yemen to score a 0 in Climate?

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