L’Observateur : Holiday Something Edition

A few months ago, one of my students mentioned a gallery in the Marais where he heard you could apply to have your work sold, so long as you could prove that you had prior exhibition experience. So I sussed it out, and it turned out to be this place on Rue Verrerie that I had stumbled upon when I was here in 2006. Anyway, I wasn’t super-impressed with what they were stocking, which made me think I had a chance of being accepted, so I applied, basically, and now they are selling 23 of my images (limited edition of 30) at the low, low price of 60€ apiece. In the first month they sold seven – out of a possible 690 – which means we’re looking at selling out sometime in 2018. This week, they posted my page, and the URL says “Talor Hollande.” Respect.

Another one of my students – the daughter of the Qatari Ambassador to France – invited me to a reception hosted by
Son Excellence M. l’Ambassadeur
Mohamed Jaham Al Kuwari and Madame
on Friday. Regrettably, I don’t think I’m going to make it.

Word to the wise: Leaving too much headroom in a photo makes a person appear short.

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