R.I.P. Ed Alexander

This photo was taken on July 28, 2009, in the plaza of Real de Catorce, Mexico, and it happened to be the next-to-last time I saw Dr. Eduardo Alexander alive. Ed always lived life to the fullest, without ego or regret, and could drink more mezcal and eat more “trail mix” in one day than all of us combined, then get up the next morning, make breakfast, and drive everyone home. I thank him in absentia for taking me camping in the desert, showing me the inside of that cave on the summer solstice 2008, hosting a cavalcade of Thanksgivings and July 4ths, and taking in all the strange Austinites I sent rapping at his door... and I’ll always remember that time we went rabbit hunting at Balz’s when he wore that excellent shirt with an eagle painted on the back. We already miss him.


  1. May Ed rest in peace as he lived in peace. Bisous Ed!

  2. yup...he was the man...
    (texass mafia)