L’Observateur : Superhero Edition

The area south of Porte de Clingancourt (north of Montmartre) where we’ve been living is a “real Paris” (mostly North and West African) neighborhood, and we’ve discovered some interesting spots: 1) Le Nant: A retro-futuristic 1960s Star Trek-style lounge cum old-man bar, featuring a cat with a cancerous mouth tumor and a talkative Serbian truck driver. 2) La Divette de Montmartre: Another crazy bar where the walls and ceiling are covered with vintage picture vinyl – including the Spider-Man Rockomic Book-n-Record. 3) Vélo Vintage: The best bike shop in Paris. Two years ago, we met the owner in an underground parking garage in the 18th arrondisement, where he was selling at that time.

I went to a costume party the other night, and Robin laid an egg. I went as Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, which, for me requires nothing more than walking around with an old-fashioned cigarette filter in my mouth and muttering things about how Nixon was a werewolf.

Some arty highlights: 1) Michael Wolf: I went and saw this exhibition because his work reminds me of what I could possibly imagine my future work someday looking like –  in a perfect world filled with huge budgets and helicopters. I added up his sales sheet, and in three weeks he sold 176,000 euros worth of prints. 2) Martin Parr: This guy’s work reminds me a bit of Austin photographer Will Van Overbeek, but Parr’s collection of Saddam Hussein wristwatches was what made the price of admission. 3) Né Dans Le Rue: An excellent graffiti exhibit at the Fondation Cartier. 4) Boris Mikhailov and 5) Jerome Byron.

Also, new work by Branislav Kropilak. And, I love what this guy is doing.

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