L’Observateur : Almost Famous Edition

I was handing out fliers for my upcoming photography exhibition the other day and a complete stranger said, “Thanks ... I’m familiar with your work.” Then a few days later I dropped off an amplifier for repair and as I gave the technician my name, he replied, “Taylor Holland ... sounds familiar!” Both of these gentlemen are full of it.

I stood in line in front of a screaming baby for two hours at the DMV to get my drivers license renewed. When I finally got to the counter, the woman told me I look like “Frasier.” Then, a few minutes later she told me I also look like Gerald McRaney (inset).

I cleared a ton of brush and left it bundled at the curb. Then, the neighbor’s oft-crippled car was abandoned in front of the bundles, so the city didn’t pick up the brush. But they left a handwritten card which reads, “your car can’t be covering up liter, not relyible 4 your car damage.”

I know a guy who changed his name from Brian to Leon.

There is a place in Hanoi called the Tay Ho pagoda.

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  1. well, you must know there is a semi-famous actor with your name; could it be?