L’Observateur : Scorpion Edition

The first morning we were here, a Mexican woman with a gold tooth came to the door, shoved a handful of daisies in my face, and exclaimed, “tengo flores!” I bought them for 15 pesos.

I was stung by a scorpion the other day while gardening. Tight hot pain indiscriminately shot up my arm for about three days. Later, we found a dead scorpion smashed against the wall behind a bed pillow.

You can’t buy or sell alcohol within two days of a Mexican election.

Francesco told me he liked my “look” and described it as “Marine R&R.” Conversely, he has a pair of green New Holland overalls which I covet.

According to GPS reports, mi casa (es su casa) is at 8,725 feet above sea level at N 23° 41.648, W 100° 53.400.

There is an outbreak of Dengue Fever in Xilitla.

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