L’Observateur : End of the Year Edition

The set from Jacques Tati’s Mon Oncle has been recreated at the 104. (Photos above)

The other day, we were shocked to find a video installation by Maya Bajevic at the Pompidou Center. Shocked because she was our landlady last year.

I was riding my bike down the sidewalk the other day when a little old lady swung a handbag at me and screamed, “chien!!!

I saw Deerhunter and Deerhoof in the same week. (Deerhoof won.)

I sold my first two photographs this week. $50 apiece.

My house in Catorce was on a blog about minimalist homes.

And now, for my final trick, the well-worn Paris-to-Tulsa route.


  1. Does the fish fountain work?

  2. I don't think it works. Or maybe it just wasn’t on when I was there.