L’Observateur : Printemps Edition

Ah, springtime in Paris. It can only mean a million stupid clichés. How does the one about allergies go? I’ve never really had allergies before, but this has been going on for about six weeks now and it is annoying.

The winter shaved about three weeks this year from last, which was fantastic (it’s like 20° today), and the city practically re-greened itself overnight.

It’s amazing how much more quickly the days get longer here than they do closer to Ecuador. It got dark at about 4:30 right before Christmas, and today it got dark around 9.

So, everybody and their grand-mère is sitting out on the sidewalk getting drunk in the day, instead of standing inside at the bar getting drunk in the day.

I was shopping at the Paris Store the other day and I saw an elderly Asian man very tenderly tear the corner off a bag of green beans from which he stole two, concealing them in his left coat pocket before exiting the store.

And finally, Vincent Gallo appears in an H&M ad right here on Avenue Potatohead:

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  1. isn't 20 degrees like really, really cold? i'm confused.