L’Observateur : Wow What Are the Chances Edition

Franz Ferdinand and their newly minted gold records

Last week, our friend Eleanor invited us to come see her boyfriend Alex Kapranos’ band play. We were backstage after the show when they were presented gold records for their album which came out last week. Apparently, the last time they were presented gold records, they got into a no-holds-barred fistfight, so everyone in attendance was a little expectant. No matter, the point of this anecdote is that two days later I was at the FNAC bookstore when I opened a book of aperitif trivia questions (expecting to see liquor-related tidbits), and the answer to the question on the random page I chose was “Alexander Kapranos” ... wow, what are the chances?!?

Later that night, we happened to see our friend Mark in the street. This happens in Paris more than you might think, but still ... what are the chances?!?

The night after that, we randomly chose to eat in the same restaurant as our friends Andrew and Laurence ... but running into three of the twenty people we know in Paris on consecutive days? ... what are the chances?!?

Then the next day, (about 15 minutes after I was browsing at the FNAC) we were bicycling down Rue de Rivoli by the Louvre and randomly spotted Robin, the girlfriend of one of my friends from Oklahoma (Allan), waiting for the crosswalk light to change ... seriously ... what are the chances?!?

[Update: We just ran into John and Sara on the canal.]

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