L’Observateur : L’Hiver Edition

Since I discovered I can get into museums free (or at a discount) with my carte professeur, I’ve been going more, and I’m stunned at the breadth of what you can see at any given time. Some highlights have been the toy collection at Les Arts Decoratifs, the Maison Européene de la Photographie, the public video collection at the Centre Pompidou, and the “Terre Natale” exhibit at the Fondation Cartier – definitely the coolest information graphic I’ve ever seen. Next up: Robert Frank at the Jeu du Paume, David LaChapelle at Monnaie de Paris, and Erik Satie’s apartment.

Paris in the winter is fairly miserable. The days are short and it is nearly always some combination of cold, gray, cloudy, and rainy. When I get up in the morning, I turn the lights on in the apartment, and leave them on all day to try and fool myself into thinking the sun is shining.

The best lunch deal in Paris is the 2.10 euro Vietnamese sandwich normal from Panda Belleville.

Three weeks after returning from Morocco, I have verified that the North African cuisine at Le Bec Fin is better than any that I had on my trip. The mechaoui there is amazing.

The other day I saw a dude walking down the street in a beret, and it is still not a good look.

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