L’Observateur : Interzone Edition

On the night of January 8, 2009, I stayed in the Hotel Rif, the place of my conception. Let’s just say it’s immaculate. Who knew I was conceived in a luxury hotel? Certainly not myself. I always imagined it happening on an American Naval base, but it’s not like I think about that night a whole lot. Perched on the beach in the heart of Interzone, you can see Spain from the front door. It has a spa, bar, two restaurants, and a pool. Winston Churchill used to hang out there.

That night also happened to be the playing of American college football’s national championship game – and that was the other reason I stayed in the hotel – to pick up a broadcast of the game on the internet. They had two strong wifi signals, so it was not a problem. Pre-game, I was searching around justin.tv for a solid feed, and I got into a chat with some Alabama fans about whether they were going to stream the game. After a short while, I thought it would be fun to take a page from my old man’s playbook, and see if they could guess what country I was in. I gave them 20 guesses. This is how it ended:

Turned out, the best feed of the game came straight from Oklahoma City’s own FOX25. During the pre-game I saw a commercial for Del Rancho, which really took me back.

An incredible thing happened when I was in Tangier. Somehow, I managed to walk around the entire afternoon and not be bothered by a tout. I think it was because I approached from the south.

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