L’Observateur : Mo’Bama Edition

The weekend before the election, we met an Asian man working at the Tang Gourmet in Belleville. He could not fathom the idea that a black man could become president of those United States. No matter how many times we tried to explain why we were confident Obama would win, the man kept saying, “But he black. American white.”

The day of the election I saw no less than six random people in the streets wearing Obama paraphernalia. Some of the European students at the school where I teach were going to go out and watch the returns and celebrate. I told them to meet me at the Bastille at 4am. No one showed up, least of all me.

If you speak loudly in bars you only need to be half as ashamed as you were before. People are congratulating us like we won an award or the lottery or something. For the time being, it’s cool to be American again.

Aussies say "O-BAM-A.” Like “bam.” Instead of “bomb.”

Go Big Red: My home state of Oklahoma was the only state in which every county went red. It is also the state that McCain won by the highest margin (65.6-34.4%). Eesh. Utah is now officially more progressive than Oklahoma, which leaves us Okies looking to foreign backwaters for comparison. Do we play Saudi Arabia in football this year?

We have a French friend who was telling us about a TV series from his childhood called “Manimal.”
F: No really, ziss guy, he was changing into an-ee-grr.
PT: A what?
F: An-ee-grr.
PT: A n*gger?
F: No, an-ee-grr. Wiss ze wings.
PT: Oh, an eagle.
It was really funny when we finally figured it out.

This bit has never been funnier:

The BBC online video viewer volume slider goes to 11.

The heater in the apartment goes to 12.

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