L’Observateur : Barack Obama Edition

I was at an art opening earlier this week when another attendee overheard me say that I had already voted in the American election. He interrupted my conversation and said, “Oh, you have a vote! How nice.” He reached into his satchel and pulled out a four-page hand-written letter he penned to Barack Obama, which he happened to be carrying around with him. It was on two sheets of cardboard held together with gold string. He read it aloud in his faded Scottish accent to a small group of people and then asked how he could possibly get it to Obama. I agreed to mail it to the Democratic National Committee on his behalf.

Obama is wildly popular in France, and it’s not because he is a “socialist” or because he’s not Bush, but because he is a person of color who has a chance to lead the free world. The notion of him being elected, even here – in a liberal Democracy like France – is unthinkable.

In point of fact, he is a transformative figure to almost everyone in the world except the tens of millions of Americans that will vote against him. McCain should try running for office in a place where he’s more popular, like Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Namibia, or the Congo.

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  1. Damn, that guy has beautiful penmanship. I think B.O. will appreciate the counsel.