L’Observateur : 365 Edition

Today is the one year anniversary of my arrival in Paris, so marked by the Photo du Jour 365 you see above. All things considered, I’m really proud of myself for having managed to put up at least one photo every single day for an entire year. Now, for my next trick, I’ll try for two. If I could somehow manage to do it for the rest of my healthful life, that would be something.

I spent the better part of the last three days biking and walking around Paris looking for a car or motorcycle with the contiguous digits “365” on the license plate for the Photo du Jour, but to no avail. The odds of those digits occurring are better than 1-to-900 (I think), but nevertheless, it never happened. So, I’m going with tonight’s sunset instead.

Carrying my Nikon D-40x camera around with me every single day for the past year has been a huge pain in the ass, but all things considered it has paid off in untold ways. People who look at this web page have some idea of what I’m seeing every day and that is way more important to me than anything else... sharing the little bits of my life that I wish you could see with me. I’m getting verklempt.

No matter, one completely unforeseen outcome of all this shooting is that I get to have a photo show in a few weeks, which is a huge honor and privilege. Turns out, the content is not Parisian, but 14 photos from Real de Catorce, Mexico that I shot over the past summer, most or all of which appeared on this page. I never thought that’s what the show would be, but after looking back through the 40,000+ photos I shot over the last year, those are the ones that stick out and will play the best to Pepe Le Pew and Company. So be it. (Some French people really do stink, by the way, but only in summertime.)

If you can make the opening, that would be great.


  1. couth on you for the cumpleaño. i hope we who can't make it to Paris for the Parsons show will still get a look at the 14 that made the cut.

    while i'm at it, since i'm feeling generous, before i change my mind, here's a toast to the 08-09 campaign.

  2. good thing you chose 14 pictures, otherwise you'd have to profile a different city..