L’Observateur : TX vs FR Edition

Texas and France love each other so much that there is a miniature Eiffel Tower in Austin at the corner of MLK and Lamar.

When the Texas state flag hangs limp, it looks quite a bit like France’s. Blue, white, red.

In France, citizens control the government. In the USA, the government controls the citizens.

Texas is bigger than France. Supposedly, everything is bigger here.

Texans like slogans, including: Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Texas: It’s Like a Whole Other Country, Don’t Mess With Texas, and Hook ’Em... and then there’s our favorite: Indulge Your Delusions of Grandeur, which works for both Texas and France.

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  1. Love it or leave it buddy. Oh wait.... I mean.. just don't mess with Texas dude.