L’Observateur : Tour Effeil Edition

“Eiffel Tower” is misspelled at least three times in two different ways inside the Trocadero Metro station, which is directly across from the Eyefull Tower.

The place I work is near the Iphul Tower, so I’ve gotten in the habit of checking the Awful Tower Mini Cam on this blog to see what the weather is like on that side of town in the case that it might be raining over there. Today I saw clouds rolling in on the mini cam (it was sunny here) and a few hours later it poured rain while we were playing basketball – but it wasn’t from my shooting.

In French streetball, instead of saying “and one” when you make a shot while getting fouled, you say “avec” or “with.”

It seems likely at this point that PSG will escape relegation. These guys, maybe not.

The Eyphall Tower as seen from the Trocadero ...

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