L’Observateur : Au Pair Edition

Last night we went to what might as well be the Furr’s Cafeteria of Paris. Just after we ordered, a little girl ambled across the aisle with her arms outstretched and I picked her up. She acted like I was her father – which was a bit awkward – though the mother was reassured when Elli told her I was used to having young girls in my lap (bad-um crash!). And so it came to pass that a British toddler named Skye camped on my leg while I ate a plate of beef bourguignon. Then she licked the chocolate sauce residue out of the profiterole bowl. I loved hanging out with this kid.


  1. are you preparing us for an announcement of my bastard-child expatriate nephew?

  2. that would have been 100% more awkward at a real texas luby's.