L’Observateur : Horseplay Edition

Again with the horse meat. I asked Romain about it and he told me it was delicious. Gamy, like lamb, but different. When I pointed to the ad in the metro and asked him how he liked his horse, Romain just rolled his eyes and said “rôti,” like “does a cheval shit in the woods?” I’m actually dying to try some.

There was a horse race on TV where the horses were running clockwise around the track instead of counter-clockwise. I never really thought about it, but it’s actually weirder that they usually run counter.

It seems that most horse races in France are chariot/buggy races, not the saddled variety. In these races a horse must trot – but not gallop – which causes disqualification. I think that these races are called “trots,” but I’m not an expert on the matter, nor do I care to be.

The other day I temporarily lost my mind and bet three trot races at a PMU. True to form, I lost them all. Two horses galloped and one was beaten by a horse who was obviously high. I had forgotten how painfully thrilling it can be to gamble. I lost 17 euros.

I swore off gambling after I lost a few hundred dollars on this debacle. Colorado and Notre Dame were a pick ’em in the 1991 Orange Bowl, which also served as the de facto national championship game that year. I had Notre Dame. Some 19-year-old kid clipped a Colorado player 15 yards behind the play and it got called back. Watching this clip brings back some bad memories, but what a runback.

While at the PMU we saw an elderly barman punch an almost-elderly customer in the side of the head in a dispute over the payment of a single beer. It was fantastically weird. As an aside to the drama, a drunk Russian told us that he could drink all day and not lose his cool. Then the other bartender told us that the Russian had been drinking all day. Then the Russian muttered something in French about America and we split.

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