L’Observateur : 10eme Edition

For the next five days, we are living on Passage de l’Industrie while the Testers are on holiday in Krakow. They have the fastest internet connection in Paris, which is nice after having had none. Nina the Cat hisses at us when we do anything, and I’m terrified she’s going to put her claws in me. The apartment is across the street from Chez Jeannette, which is nice.

There is a thing here called Freebox which offers unlimited phone calls to 70 countries (including the United States), 200 channels of cable television, and high-speed internet for 29.99 euros a month. Somebody call the FCC.

Today, we purchased 10 Mexican avocados for one Euro on Faubourg-St. Denis. At times, we have paid as much as 1E79 for ONE.

I played Scrabulous for the first time today. Some person named DominatorX beat me 330-318. The bastard bingoed on his first play of the game for 84 points with LIZARDS, playing off my 48-point opener, QUIET. I took the lead with about three moves to play, so at least I was able to plant the seed of doubt before losing.

Last week, we met a guy who won the equivalent of an Oscar for his trailer for the movie Little Children. He also does live video projections for an electronica band called DNTEL. His wife observed my yoga practice and told me I needed to “energize.” She was right. It was awesome to have them around for awhile. Totally great.

There is an iPod, a Commodore 64, a Handicam, and a typewriter on display in the Musee des Arts et Metiers. Maybe that’s why admission is free.

One of the first things I noticed after moving to Paris was that there are no insects. No flies, no mosquitoes, no roaches. It’s nice.

At present, there are table tennis highlights on television.


  1. What does theese mean, to energize?

  2. puddles, you gotta put more effort into it. engage that muscle. like yr ma.

    meyer, good to hear from you. peace to bob.