The Gilkey Guide

Karl’s Guide to Paris
1) Say yes when they ask if you want salt and pepper in your cheese crepes.
2) Go to the super great good Falafel place.
3) Sitting/standing at the bar in most places is cheaper.
4) Bottles of wine are expensive in restaurants – always order a carafe of wine.
5) Olives in Paris are much better than what we get here.
6) Beer can be expensive. Stick with wine.
7) Remember to bring food ... wine, bread, cheese whatever on the train with you.
8) Keep a watch for dog poo at all times.
9) Eat cheese.
10) Have Taylor show you the lion with the big balls. Elli, man that girl can talk French.
11) Learn the turnstile slide.

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  1. hey nice mickey rooney above this. Two mentions on Plus Tard, I feel really cool. Have fun with everyone.