Oranges. Everywhere. Bitter-tasting oranges.

Bathing in a Hammam is a transformative experience. It could have been the 12th century in there.

By a longshot, Spanish Spanish is easier to understand than Mexican Spanish.

There are a lot of Spaniards who wander the streets talking to themselves. Sometimes I understand what they are saying, which is scary. Even more Spaniards have trick hips.

In Spain, pedestrians have the right of way. If you are standing at a crosswalk, cars will stop and wave you across.

Exhaust emissions are much worse in Spain than in France.

Train fares are much cheaper in Spain than in France... in fact, almost everything is cheaper in Spain than in France.

Free wireless signals are a rarity in Córdoba, Spain.

Oxtail stew is delicious. Imagine a much tastier version of pot roast.

Watched this year’s Fiesta Bowl – sans commercials – on the train from Cádiz to Sevilla thanks to the iTunes music store. Horrible call by Stoops and even worse execution on the failed onside kick when OU had all the mo in the third. And the penalties were ridiculous.

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