In the 24 hours since badmouthing Spain in the free press, this country has proven me dead wrong on every level. Go figure.

Sevilla is by far the nicest city when choosing between it, Granada, Málaga, and Cádiz. It’s like Austin versus San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. No contest.

The Spanish countryside is incredibly beautiful. Parts of it resemble The Osage or Kansas.

In general, a moving train is quite a bit more comfortable than a moving bus. It is certainly a lot easier to read a book without incurring motion sickness.

Speak Spench?
¿Ou est el baño?
¿Aves vous un cuarto por le nuit?
¡J’ne comprend nada!
Et cetera... Apparently, now French comes first – despite only knowing a handful of words and phrases – then I switch to Spanish. English is on injured reserve.

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