L'Observateur : Spanish Tortilla, Ohio Chic

It took the entire two weeks to get into the Spanish groove... After months of trying to adjust to waking up before the Parisian sunrise – suddenly getting into 2pm lunches, napping from 3-5pm, and late dinners after 10pm was off-putting, but mission accomplished... Slept like a baby this afternoon. The trick is to load up on coffee in the morning, drink two beers at lunch, nap, then drink more coffee around 6.

Does anyone in this country work except bartenders and bus drivers?

In Spain, a “tortilla” is a potatoey, eggy, quichey thing that one might put on a baguette for breakfast. And for some reason, cafe con leche is better than cafe au lait.

Saw a couple sunning themselves at an outdoor cafe today. From a distance, it looked like her sweatshirt said “Ohio,” but upon closer inspection it in fact said “Chic.” Big difference.

Myth: The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Reality: It mainly falls in the hills around Granada when you’re in a time crunch to see the Alhambra.

The inset photo above was taken through beveled plastic from the bathroom window of a hotel in Ronda.

And finally, your 2008 Pre-Season Andalucía Cities-Towns We Visited Rankings:
1) Sevilla
2) Córdoba
-------------- big drop-off here
3) Ronda
4) Málaga
5) Cádiz or Granada

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