L'Observateur : Shame Edition

Tuesday (Wednesday) after the show we were standing in the alley next to Le Motel Bar yapping and someone poured about half a bucket of water from a few floors above on top of my head. The message was clear: Shut the fuck up, I’m trying to sleep. Nevertheless, refreshing.

Tonight I met some people from the Parsons photography school at a bar from some beers – a “Meet and Greet” of sorts. I happened to be leaving at the same time as this guy whose name I cannot tell you, but he teaches fashion/portrait photography. Anyway, we were getting on the Metro together and he realized he didn’t have any tickets. I offered to let him pass with me. The flics were right there and busted us to the tune of 50 euros apiece. The worst part was that I had unused tickets in my bag which cost 1e10 per. Cops... they should be ashamed of themselves.

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