L’Observateur : Waste Edition

There is tons of dog shit on the streets of Paris. Most of it gets shat onto the metal grates that skirt the tree trunks on the sidewalks. The shit then sluices through and becomes fertilizer, returning to the Earth from which it came. Yay. In spite of this eco-logic, there are still a large number of big steaming piles that get left in the middle of the sidewalk.

The other day I saw a dog lift its’ hind leg and pee on the front wheel of a bicycle parked near the Louvre.

Peeing in public is accepted in France, as it is in parts of Mexico and Oklahoma.
  • I have seen small children openly peeing in exotic locales – such as the Jardin des Plantes.
  • I heard that someone saw an entire class of schoolchildren openly tee-teeing in unison in a park in Lyon.
  • Today on the way home from work I saw a guy peeing on a building a few doors down from the apartment.

There is a bubble of air in every Metro station and under most bridges which contains the French stench of urine.

I haven’t seen this much vomit since I was in preschool.

Proletarian Frenchmen like to spit.

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