L’Observateur : Around the Office

A middle-aged Jewish couple from Long Island were in the back of the cab with their Pomeranian seated neatly between them. As we drove beside a grassy knoll in the 16th, she said: “Our last dog’s ashes are buried over there on that hill… She made 22 trips to Paris in 11 years… When I’m reincarnated I want to be his [meaning her husband’s] dog.”

Then as we were stopped behind a garbage truck, he saw three small dogs playing together in the park, giggled uncontrollably for about 15 seconds, and squealed: “Look at that Jack Russell! He’s goin’ NUTS!!!”

And so, we’ve come full circle: She wants to be a dog, the dog is going nuts, nuts they are, and it’s pretty obvious by this point that they both wish they were dogs.

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