L’Observateur : Sporting Goods Edition

When you shop at the French sporting goods store, Go Sport, they have two NBA jerseys: The Phoenix Suns’ Boris Diaw and the San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker.

It is apparently near-impossible to find a proper yoga mat in France. Instead, they sell thick foamy “exercise” mats that are about 85% the size of a ’Merican yoga mat. It’s just not the same. Especially if you’re 195cm tall.

Most men’s bicycles don’t have the “rack” bar. I am still learning the easy way to get on, though I still tip the bike toward me and swing my right leg over the back of seat about half the time.

Squash, badminton, hiking, and skiing are huge here.

In the back corner, they sell ’Merican footballs and baseball gloves for exorbitant prices.

They also have ping pong balls that look like basketballs, soccer balls, and tennis balls. Sold.

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