L'Observateur du Jour

On Avenue des Gobelins heading north from Place d’Italie, I was tailing another cyclist as we busted through a yellow light at Boulevard Arago. There was a blind man standing on the sidewalk who could tell we were going through late. He took a vicious swipe at us with his cane. The guy in front of me swerved. We coasted through unscathed.

There is a puppeteer who performs on the Rue d’Arcole bridge between Hôtel de Ville and Ile de la Cité. One day, I saw the puppet performing a Pixies song. There were some American tourists standing around who were totally into it.

Steak tartare is not at all what I thought it was. Confession: I used to eat raw beef on saltines when I was a child.

World maps in France are not centered on North America. They are centered on Eurasia.

The temperature dial on our stove is in Celsius.

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